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about us

das kollektiv is a place of critical education work. Consulting and cultural work is done in dialogue or in entanglement with it.

The name of the organization is related to its origin: maiz, an organization that has always understood itself as a collective. When we decided together to outsource the education of maiz; When we decided to go on with everything, we decided in favor of this formative and inspiring name, which is very important to us and our actions - with the ambition to cultivate spaces for critical discussion and reflection in the area of conflict between a sponsored organization and political collectivity. Collectivity as a utopian condition and as a goal to push the limits of the possible again and again. This means: to seek collectivity, to hide differences, to remain in contradictions, to endure them and to make them productive.

In the kollektiv work people who seek changes in unequal relationships in society. People from different geographical and social places.

We understand this collectively as a place of exchange, of criticism, of resistance and of collective organization. In entanglement with and in addition to the courses, many processes and projects, discussions and actions arise in this place.


For all who want to join:

we are

by e-mail:

and call 0732/890 077

(Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 16:00)